Take Action on Dixons!

Dixons Trinity Academy’s proposals for their new schools in Chapeltown are seriously flawed. We need these schools, but just because this is Chapeltown doesn’t mean they can be built on the cheap without regard to the needs of the local community. If ChaCo members, supporters and local residents work together, we can kick up enough fuss to ensure that the current plans get rejected in favour of a much better solution.

What’s wrong with their plans?

Read on for a step by step guide to how you can help…

Would you want to send your 4 year old here?

This is all about people power. The more people who take part in these actions, the greater our chances of getting the schools that Chapeltown kids deserve.

Register your objection to these plans

The planners at Leeds City Council want to know what local people think about these proposals – but you have to comment before 1 June. Here’s how to do it.

  1. It’s a good idea to compose your comments in a separate file because:
    • the online comments page will time-out after 50 minutes
    • you’ll have a copy of your comments that you can send to your local Councillor.
  2. All the background info is on this page and there are more tips here. But don’t copy and paste! Decide what matters to you, and then use your own words. Don’t slag off Dixons: stick to what’s wrong with their plans. It doesn’t have to be long – just one or two points will do. If you’re going (or hoping) to live at ChaCo, tell them.
  3. Once you’ve composed your objection and read it through again, save the file. You then have three ways of getting it to the Planners:
    • Using their online portal. You’ll need to register so they know who you are. Then copy and paste the text from your file into the comments box and send it off.
      UPDATE 22/5/18: Unfortunately the Public Access website is currently very unreliable, so you’ll probably find it simpler to use the email method below.
    • By post to Planning Services, The Leonardo Building, 2 Rossington Street, Leeds, LS2 8HD. Make sure you include your name and address and the Application Number: 18/02283.
    • By email to dec@leeds.gov.uk – make sure you include your name and address, and for the Subject put Application Number: 18/02283.

Send your local Councillors a copy of your objection

Ask them what they plan to do about it. They’ll be wanting you to vote for them in future, so they’ve got a vested interest in keeping you happy! The Chapel Allerton Ward Councillors are:

Cllr Jane Dowson: Jane.Dowson@leeds.gov.uk
Cllr Mohammed Rafique: Cllr.Mohammed.Rafique@leeds.gov.uk
Cllr Eileen Taylor: Eileen.Taylor@leeds.gov.uk

Spread the word!

The more people who know about these plans, the better. Tell all your friends and ask them to support us – particularly if they live in the area.

And if you’re a member or supporter of ChaCo, we need help chatting to people in the streets nearest to where the school’s going to be, and encouraging them to sign our petition. Get in touch with bill@chapeltowncohousing.org.uk if you’d like to help with this.

Thank you